Founded in 1994, Bodylines Southwest has been Plymouth’s largest independent gym for over 25 years. Unfortunately, for many years the facility built a reputation for being a ‘roid-head haven, perfect for the few people into unnatural bulking, but unpleasant for everyone else.

Thankfully the gym was taken on by Phil and Terri Duke in 2018, and they sought to turn the place around in record time. With the vision of a steroid free, family friendly and all inclusive gym, they have built Bodylines Southwest back up to be something the whole team is very proud of.

Bodylines Southwest is committed to giving the best and most personal service possible. You honestly won’t find another place like it, so whether you want to compete as a bodybuilder, box your way into a ring with Anthony Joshua or just want to be beach body ready…this is the place to be.


Dedicated to Improving Mental Health

In Plymouth alone, there are 25 suicides each year…that’s a person taking their live every other week. And that is only the people who can’t see any way out, thousands battle with invisible ailments such as depression and anxiety.

Following an attack in 2013, Phil was left with minor brain damage leading to amnesia, depression and anxiety. This ordeal has lead Phil and the team to pledge that Bodylines Southwest will be on the forefront of improving mental health and wellness in Plymouth.

It has been proven over and over again that exercise helps with mental stability, but it’s also just as important to talk to someone if you’re struggling. Bodylines Southwest are just as much here to offer mental support, as we are physical.

Meet Our Team


Phil & Terri Duke

PHIL & TERRI - Owners & Fitness Fanatics

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Paul Biggs

PAUL BIGGS - Personal Trainer