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We have a long standing affiliation with Mr & Miss Plymouth, and many of our members go on to compete at this level, and then in regional and national competitions later on. If you want to compete, Bodylines Southwest is the place for you…but if you just want bulk in a healthy and natural way, we can get you there too!


A great personal trainer is much like the teachers that you remember many years after leaving school…and not the ones you hated. They care deeply about your progress and they are there to set up for success every step of the way. At Bodylines Southwest, every single one of our trainers works to that standard, it’s just up to you to find the one you’d like to work with most!


At Bodylines Southwest we can work with you to understand the fundamentals of boxing as a beginner, all the way up to improving as a serious competitor. Our in-house coach Paul Carr has been in the boxing industry since 1995 and will give you everything you need to improve your footwork, punch power and stamina.



Whether you require pre-workout or an after burn protein shake, our fully stocked shake bar has what you need to get you working at peak performance.


Here at Bodylines Gym Southwest we now have an MMA cage so come on down and check it out! Book in with one of our coaches for a one to one or even a one on one with your training partner.


Most frequent questions and answers

We offer a variety of services such as: Personal training, group training, in- home training, nutritional planning, and life coaching. The types of training we focus on are: Calisthenics, Balance & Stability, Strength training, Weight-loss, Bodybuilding, Yoga, Core Strengthening, Endurance, Aesthetics, Sport conditioning, Injury Rehabilitation and Overall fitness.

We’ve worked with clientele of all ages, genders, backgrounds, goals, and fitness levels. We make sure to customize each fitness plan specifically for you, so we maximize efficiency and get you to your goals!  

For most people, incorporating a healthy lifestyle is much more difficult than training hard. When people don’t reach their fitness goals, food is the most common reason. No matter what kind of training you do, food will always play a crucial role. So if you’re ready to start a training program, make sure you’re also prepared to focus on your diet. 

No. This is a common misconception. Your body changes as an adaption to exercise. If your exercises aren’t difficult enough, there is nothing for your body to adapt to. It’s vital that you push yourself and get close to maxing out your energy on every set. If you can lift a weight for more than 15 reps, it’s most likely  too easy. Your muscles will not be able to change shape and/or definition. 

On the contrary, an empty stomach actually makes you more likely to burn muscle. Fat is most easily burned in the presence of carbohydrates. Once carbohydrate stores are depleted, the body’s only other source of fuel is protein. Your body breaks down protein into amino acids to make sugar. So if you do cardio long enough to run out of stored glucose, your own muscle tissue can become the source of protein. And keep in mind that having low energy due to a lack of food, can limit your ability to maximize your workouts. We recommend you always eat a very small meal about 30 minutes before you train.

Yes, If done incorrectly you are putting yourself at risk. We recommend if you’re working out on your own, and you don’t have a lot of experience, stick to the simple things, like machines. They control movement for you because the goal is to strengthen one muscle at a time, around an injury.One of  the biggest mistake we see people make is they train in a large class constantly with complex movements, like squats or deadlifts. The more complex the exercise, the more likely you are to get hurt when performed incorrectly. So be careful. If you want to do the challenging stuff, either research the correct form on your own, or find an expert to help you!